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We Cater!

Posted: 2014-01-25

Events are great. In order to have the perfect event, you must have the perfect food. Sometimes the food served at an event dictates how great an event is. Whether it be a wedding, banquet, reception, company luncheon, cocktails, or for any other occasion, If the food is great, it’s memorable.

If it’s really great food, you can often taste the passion that went into catered food.  And when you can taste the passion, you have happy attendees. Additionally, catering allows for a happy host. Catering allows event planners to:

1.     Save time

2.     Save money

3.     Save on clean up

4.     Be comfortable knowing they are serving great food

5.     And most importantly relax at the event they are hosting, knowing their food is memorable

Catering at East Coast Pizza is a genuine interest and passion. We pride ourselves in our food < link to Menu page: http://www.eastcoastpizzapueblo.com/menu-s.php> and we have a passion for making memorable experiences while enjoying it. We offer excellent Italian options for any occasion such as pizzas, pastas, and more. And we also offer our amazing array of pastries and desserts for all. Each and every item we offer creates a memorable experience for those enjoying it.

If you are interest in our catering services, call us. And don’t forget to ask about our gluten-free options!