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USDA's Pizza Consumption Report

Posted: 2014-06-16

It’s pretty surprising that we came across this, but our specialty is pizza, so it’s only appropriate. According to the USDA’s recent Consumption of Pizza report “About 1 in 8 Americans consumed pizza on any given day. More than 1 in 4 males, ages 6-19 years, consumed pizza on a day.” This number is pretty high and great to hear considering how many people live in the United States.

Additionally “On the day consumed, pizza provided about one-fourth of the total daily energy.” The USDA also states that “For adults, the majority of pizza was consumed at dinner. For children, the distribution was similar for lunch and dinner.”

We are thrilled to hear these pizza factoids. Make sure to read the entire report, it’s full of interesting facts about pizza consumption. And of course, come on in and get your pizza consumption fix. 


Click to view the full report