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The Perfect Pizza at East Coast Pizza

Posted: 2014-03-19

Any Sicilian can tell you, a pizza is an absolute staple and shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

The history of pizza is very extensive. Citizens of Naples are credited with inventing the pizza in 1889 in honor of the king’s wife, Margherita. This is often considered where the “margarita pizza” was derived. From there, the pizza became a huge hit and the recipe spread like wildfire throughout Italy and now to countries around the world.

Many varieties of pizza exist worldwide, as well as several variants based upon the dish, including pizza bread, calzones, etc. Whether hand tossed, Neapolitan, deep dish, everyone loves pizza. And everyone loves all sorts of toppings on their pizza. But in reality, it comes down to the basic elements that make a pizza, a pizza! The perfect dough, toppings and sauce to taste, and cooked to perfect, that’s what make a great pizza.

At East Coast Pizza, we pride ourselves in our perfect pizza, and our customers do too. With long Sicilian family traditions and a long history of Italian fare, we do not take our pizza lightly and perfect it for you.

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