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Summer Flavors in Sicily

Posted: 2014-06-04

In Sicily, spring and summer are two of the most beautiful seasons we have. Sunny skies, bright blue water, and delicious aromas smelled every way you turn. 

It is very important within our Sicilian traditions, to use the freshest ingredients possible when cooking, especially summer dishes, when herbs and vegetables can be picked daily from our luscious gardens or found at farmers markets across the land.

In the summer, our dishes are full of color and taste just as good as they look. Whether it’s a zesty eggplant, or a delightful fish dish infused with herbs and garlic, we incorporate color into as much as we can. With shoots of wild fennel in the spring, delicious tomatoes in the summer, we love what we can create and share with our guests.

And most importantly food is the center of our celebrations. We love to entertain, have people over for dinner and celebrate the summer. At East Coast Pizza, we as summer approaches, we would like to invite you in for a summer celebration and some amazing Sicilian fare. Join us in the celebration and love for this season.