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Sicilian Traditions

Posted: 2014-01-20

It may no longer be the holiday season, but at East Coast Pizza, you can our Sicilian traditions in everything we make. From pizzas to desserts, we pride ourselves in being a Sicilian, family-owned establishment, full of culture and tradition. Just pass our pastry case and you will see this for yourself.


As Sicilians, we love to eat tasty treats!  With that, we’d love to share some of our favorite Sicilian celebratory traditions to help you realize why we find food at celebrations so important. Delicious desserts and amazing meals are the center point of our traditions. Amazing meals, filled with several courses, brings family together and makes every celebration the best it can be.

Because Sicilian celebrations and traditions revolve around food, important festivities call for large feasts full of family, food and fun. Serious eating generally begins the evening of each major holiday celebration and continues for basically 24 hours. Again, as you’ve seen from our pastry case, sweets and desserts are of great importance. We enjoy anything from ricotta pies, cannoilis, and an assortment of buccellati (large round biscuits filled with almonds, pistachios and dried fruits). Yum!

For celebrations like New Year's Eve, lasagne is a large component. Lasagne, as well as other pasta options, is supposed to bring good luck, but more and more Sicilians are now turning to the more Italian tradition of eating lentils, which auger wealth. However, once more, what you eat is not so important – the essential thing is that there must be big family parties, and a midnight a bottle of spumante are chilled to perfection and ready to pop.

Come on in and we will share even more Sicilian traditions with you while enjoying our great menu