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Did you know, East Coast Pizza is also Gluten Free?

Posted: 2013-12-16

With the discovery of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune digestive ailment, many are finding out that they must avoid foods that contain gluten. Others, even without Celiac Disease, are finding that eating gluten free not only makes you feel better, but it also helps with mental clarity, overall health and well being, and often weight loss. This diet has sparked some great changes in the way our society eats and has even been brought into the restaurant world.

Have you wondered what gluten really is? Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat that give elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape. Gluten is often joined with starch in various grains which enables bread or other dough to properly rise, while it’s also the major protein in wheat flour. In the pizza world, gluten has helped many restaurants strive and become favorites among pizza lovers alike.

Often people think they are missing out when having to adhere to gluten free diets, but at East Coast Pizza we have successfully launched an extremely tasty gluten free menu. Not only have we created a delicious gluten free pizza dough, we are able to make many of our dishes with gluten free noodles. In addition, we offer gluten free breads for our sandwiches, and many of our famous pastries are gluten free! This allows our fans to enjoy all aspects of our Sicilian heritage without worrying about gluten allergies, something that makes our restaurant unique.

Most recently we were awarded for our gluten free options in the Best of Pueblo’s best Gluten-Free Menu in town.  We are excited to be honored for our gluten free menu and chosen for this title from our fans. Thank you to everyone that is recognizing us for this gluten free menu and we are happy to have you in to taste our gluten free options.

Remember, we have something for everyone. Even if you do not eat a gluten free diet, we have delicious options for everyone. Visit our East Coast Pizza menu and see for yourself.